Intermediate & Advanced

If you have just bought your new  “STEP UP” board and need help feeling more comfortable on it, or feel you have hit a plateau with your surfing, then this course will suit you best. This course will also suit you if you are starting to paddle out back, turn across the wave face, or want to link turns together.

At this stage:

  • Dry land coaching
  • Safety
  • Manouvers
  • Bottom turns (most important turn leads to all other turns)
  • Top turns
  • Cut backs
  • Floaters
  • Re-entries

Video analysis is also available.

Intermediate & Advanced Lesson Prices

Kids Lessons (5-14yrs) Price
1 Lesson £35
2 Lessons £70
3 Lessons £99
5 Lessons £149
Adult Lessons Price
1 Lesson £40
2 Lessons £75
3 Lessons £110
5 Lessons £160
  • Approximately 2.5hours long
  • 6 people per instructor – includes all equipment, sunscreen & water
  • Lesson slots will be scheduled according to tides and your itinerary
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If you need advice on a new board, wetsuit or spots to surf, then speak to Carlo.
You can reach him by phone on 01271 320 218, or email
With over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the sea and industry he will be more than happy to help.