If you have had lessons in the past and want to start from where you left off then this course will suit you best. Your Coach will look at changing your equipment to a shorter or a hard board to help your progression. Also emphasis on becoming more independent in the water. (eg. Look at which waves to catch, paddling techniques, turning…)

At this stage Riding waves consistently – refining stance and feeling more relaxed on your board. Direction – Control, forehand and backhand turns in white water or clean unbroken waves depending on conditions. Learning to handle your board to progress further out to sea to unbroken waves.  Wave selection and knowledge. Paddling techniques.

Improver Lesson Prices

Kids Lessons (5-14yrs) Price
1 Lesson £35
2 Lessons £70
3 Lessons £99
5 Lessons £149
Adult Lessons Price
1 Lesson £40
2 Lessons £75
3 Lessons £110
5 Lessons £160
  • Approximately 2.5 hours long
  • 6 people per instructor – includes all equipment, sunscreen & water
  • Lesson slots will be scheduled according to tides and your itinerary
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