Hire Pricing

 Pricing is at the bottom of this page. 

We have an extensive selection of the latest equipment for you to hire and/or test. Please feel free to ask any questions or advice if you are unsure as to what is best for your needs.

 Call us on : 01271 320 218


Beginner – Large soft foam boards, safe and with plenty of stability for the beginners & kids. Sizes ranging from 7ft to 9ft.

Intermediate – Full hard boards and a range of hard bottom / soft top Torq boards. Sizes range from 6ft4 to 9ft2.

Advanced – Hard surf boards including custom made long boards and short boards. With different sizes and shapes, please call first to discuss requirements.

We also organize test days throughout the year giving you the chance to try what’s new on the scene. Please follow us on the usual Social media channels to keep up to date for the latest dates.

Body boards

Adults & kids sizes

Surf Skates

A fun alternative to bodyboarding & surfing with something in between.

Wetsuits, boots & gloves

We have a large selection of summer, winter and full TIKI wet suits from ages 4 upwards. For the cooler months we also have boots, gloves and hoods available for hire.

Stand Up Paddle Boards

We have a range of S.U.P’s & paddles for hire. Pre-booking advised.


Handplane’s and fins available for hire for those wanting something different or to have fun in green waves. (One hour courses also available)

Please note: We will require a deposit for the hire period – eg. Credit/debit card, Driver’s licence or car keys (Not a child!)


4 Hrs 24 Hrs 48 Hrs Weekend Special
Softboard £7 £10 £20 £25
Hardboard £12 £20 £30 £45
Bodyboard £5 £8 £14 £20
Wetsuit £7 £10 £20 £25
Softboard & Suit £14 £18 £35 £45
Hardboard & Suit £18 £25 £40 £50
Bodyboard & Suit £11 £15 £25 £35
S.U.P & Paddle £30 £40 £75 £85
Wetsuit £7 £10 £20 £25
S.U.P, Paddle & Suit £35 £45 £80 £95
Boots / Gloves or Hat £3 each £3 each £3 each £3 each

*All prices are inclusive of VAT*